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Support groups led by Dr. Judith Smith
new series beginning in February, 2024 - dates TBD

The Support Group I will be leading has several purposes:

  • To share and learn from others who are also struggling with the challenges of mothering a difficult adult child.

  • To verbalize and process your mixed feelings regarding your relationship with your adult child.

  • To set goals regarding the kinds of changes you want for yourself and in your relationship with your adult child. 

  • To learn about ways to balance your needs with that of your adult child’s.

  • To express and process the chronic sorrow that many carry regarding the disappointments that mothering a challenging adult child can bring 


The support group will meet weekly.  

The format will be virtual.

The group will have a maximum of 10 members.

You might be eligible for out-of-pocket reimbursement through your health insurance. Financial aid is available upon request. 

"This group has been a godsend for me. I have gained strength from each woman’s story and felt like I could be in a safe place to share really difficult things going on in my life. Thank you Judith for everything. I know that your groups will continue to help mothers like us."  K.D.  Group member Spring, 2023

"I can’t express how meaningful and valuable being in this group with these wonderful women has meant to me. The experience has enabled me to look at my circumstances in a new way.  And a better one. And also to help my husband do the same. It also helped me understand that taking care of myself is critical and not a selfish choice."   T.T. Group member Spring, 2023

"Being in a support group with other women who share my (our) struggles, heartache and tears is transformational.  It is lonely to have an  adult child that cannot seem to self actualize.  Judith and my group GET IT!  Their compassionate understanding makes my painful situation bearable."  Adrian G.,  Group member, 2023

New support groups will be offered on Wednesday late afternoon
If you have questions about joining a support group, email Dr. Smith at
If you are ready to join the group, set up a one-one-one consultation with Dr Smith. 
In this 45 minute meeting, you will be able to discuss your unique situation with your son or daughter and raise any concerns you have about being in a group. 


  • Apr 24, 2024, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM EDT
    New York, 155 W 60th St room 109, New York, NY 10023, USA
    Join us for the Paperback Book Launch Event!
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